To dupe, or not to dupe…

Quilted Bag (splurgesave)

Chanel price found on Brag my Bag.  Love Crossbody price found on Rebecca Minkoff website.

I showed my husband a picture of a bag I thought of purchasing and his response was “That looks like one of those Chanel bags you want, why would you get a fake?”.  My initial thoughts were:

  1. He actually knows what a Chanel bag looks like! Is a surprise gift coming my way?!
  2. It’s not a fake, it’s a look-a-like.
  3. Good point.  Do I really want a look-a-like?
  4. There is no surprise gift because he almost choked when I mentioned the price of a Chanel bag.

Which brings me to this post…Is it a faux pas to buy a designer dupe?

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