Shopping Online…for Groceries!

Online grocery shopping.  Best. Idea. Ever.  I did not think so at first.  I mean how could another person choose my groceries.  Only I know what I want which is probably what the majority thinks.  However, after many months of using this tool I can not imagine going back.


Real Canadian Superstore Click & Collect

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The Return of the Three Stripes

Adidas Shell Toes.jpg

My old pair of Adidas Originals

These days it feels like fashion comebacks have a shorter turnaround period and it makes me think twice about getting rid of anything in my closet.  It’s a good thing I kept my Adidas Shell Toes. I purchased a pair of originals well over a decade ago (I will not pinpoint the year as it will date me like a dinosaur) and still wear them on the regular.  Yes they are worn out as you can see from the picture but they sure held up well considering these shoes are older than my kids.   Continue reading

Day Trip to the Canadian Rockies

Mountain Day Trip2

Coat: Zara || Jeans: Levi’s || Shirt:  H&M || Boots: Timberland (Winners) || Sunglasses: Steve Madden (Winners) || Toque & Scarf: My Own Wardrobe

The Canadian Rockies are practically in my backyard.  That’s a slight exaggeration but it is a short drive from the city.  We are very lucky to live so close to this majestic and breath taking landscape and I am awestruck every time I visit.  The Ice Magic Festival is held yearly in Banff and Lake Louise which showcases an International Ice Carving Competition.  We were a week too late to view the ice sculptures as 90% of them had been removed but my kids were able to skate on the frozen lake. Continue reading