Playroom Refresh Part 1 – Painting a Striped Wall

We are fortunate enough to have a spare room designated as our kids play area.  As much as we like to enforce rules on putting toys away after use, it does not always happen.  It is fantastic to be able to close the door on the mess at the end of the day and not have to worry about it until next time.

I guess we closed the doors a little too often!  Over time toys, crafts, and books built up to a copious amount that the play room became an overwhelming place.  Things were not being put back into their labeled containers plus the kids outgrew many of their toys and a bit of organization was not going to cut it.  I decided to do a little makeover to refresh the space.

I am embarrassed to post the before pictures but as you can see below the playroom is a total disaster.  Stuff everywhere!

Since my head is always exploding with DIY ideas, I decided to do a little project.  I have always been a fan of striped walls so I figured now is the time to experiment.  Pinterest says it’s easy so why not try and I did!

The colour palette in our house is fairly neutral, a lot of whites, beiges and hits of dark wood, so I wanted to keep with the flow.  I did not want to buy several batches of sample paint so I taped the paint chips on the wall for comparison.

Playroom Paint.jpg

The part that took the longest in striped walls is marking the walls to position the stripes.  I did some calculations on height and making sure there is a flow with the window lines.  On other DIY websites, they recommend using a laser level for accuracy and I did not have nor did I want to purchase one.  They were pretty pricey and I just wasn’t sure I’d use them again.


A bit of planning and calculations were necessary before taping the walls.  I added pieces of painters tape to the areas that did not require painting to avoid confusion.

I settled on five stripes and it only needed two coats of paint so I was able to get away with buying a small 946 ml can of paint.  I chose an eggshell finish but it might be interesting to try a different lustre for next time.

Playroom Stripes2.jpg

The lines were not perfectly straight but it’s not noticeable unless you stare at the wall.

Playroom Stripes3.jpg

Overall the project was straightforward and it was easier than I thought it would be.


Materials Used:

946 ml Can of Interior Paint
Painters Tape
Tape Measure and/or Laser Level
Angled Paint Brush
Paint Roller and Tray
Step Ladder


  1. Paint a base colour first if necessary before stripes can be painted.
  2. Figure out the number of stripes you would like.  Measure the height of the wall from the top of the baseboard.  As you can see in the pictures, my baseboard is the same colour as the stripes so it blended in.
  3. Mark the wall where you want the stripes to be and place your Painters Tape either below or above where the stripes will be painted.
  4. Add some sort of mark, like an ‘X’ for example, on the areas you do not want to paint to avoid confusion.
  5. I used an Angled Paint Brush to paint the ends and corners to avoid painting the other walls and ceiling.  Otherwise, use a Paint Roller to paint the stripes allowing the paint to dry in between coats.
  6. Remove the Painters Tape when the paint is dry.
  7. Enjoy your Striped Wall!





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