Feeling Fabu-lash!


Being of Asian descent, I was born with short, straight and sparse eye lashes. The complete opposite of what dreamy lashes look like. Don’t even get me started on the bottom ones, I think I have two or three altogether.

I am usually on the run between school & activities, errands, gym, etc. that my make-up routine is minimal. When I am make-up free, I look tired and feel incomplete. I’ve also been relying on strip lashes on nights out since mascara alone isn’t giving me the oomph I need.  I figured it’s time to get extensions.

What are eyelash extensions? They are single strands of curved, synthetic lashes that are applied to your individual eyelash to create a fuller, longer look.

I booked an appointment at the nearest Lola Lash Bar. I opted for the synthetic lashes; silk and mink lashes were also options.  My lash technician was very knowledgeable and “installed” the longest, thickest lashes that my natural ones can accommodate.  An hour and a half later and hello fabulous!

Even though the lash extensions I chose were synthetic, they look like natural lashes. I may even be able to fool people into thinking I was born with it. I have had them for quite sometime now and it makes a huge difference in how I look and even with how I feel.

The cost is about $90 for a full set of  synthetic lashes and increases with the other options.  The cost to fill the lashes is $45 and it is recommended to have the lashes filled every 2-4 weeks.  I do treat them with care so they last closer to 4 weeks.

I am very happy with the decision to get the eyelash extensions.  Sometimes it’s nice to dash out the door and not have to worry about putting on makeup.  The only thing I have to change is maybe the amount of times I bat my eyelashes!

Here are the Before and After pictures:



Long, full lashes after the extensions


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