The Return of the Three Stripes

Adidas Shell Toes.jpg

My old pair of Adidas Originals

These days it feels like fashion comebacks have a shorter turnaround period and it makes me think twice about getting rid of anything in my closet.  It’s a good thing I kept my Adidas Shell Toes. I purchased a pair of originals well over a decade ago (I will not pinpoint the year as it will date me like a dinosaur) and still wear them on the regular.  Yes they are worn out as you can see from the picture but they sure held up well considering these shoes are older than my kids.  

I have noticed a flurry of Instagram posts of fashion bloggers taking these three striped icons to the streets.  It is interesting to see how these classic shoes once synonymous with track suits and Run DMC are now paired with high end designer clothing for the fashionistas.

Staying on this trendy bandwagon, I decided that I need to upgrade to another pair since my old ones have seen better days.  The question now is, should I stick with the Originals Black and White pair or mix it up and get a different colour or style?  Not only are there the Superstars but other versions include Stan Smith, Campus, and Samoa sneakers to name a few.

I am now wondering if the Adidas Track Suit is making a come back and if should have kept my tear away track pants


All items above can be purchased through Urban Outfitters.





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