To dupe, or not to dupe…

Quilted Bag (splurgesave)

Chanel price found on Brag my Bag.  Love Crossbody price found on Rebecca Minkoff website.

I showed my husband a picture of a bag I thought of purchasing and his response was “That looks like one of those Chanel bags you want, why would you get a fake?”.  My initial thoughts were:

  1. He actually knows what a Chanel bag looks like! Is a surprise gift coming my way?!
  2. It’s not a fake, it’s a look-a-like.
  3. Good point.  Do I really want a look-a-like?
  4. There is no surprise gift because he almost choked when I mentioned the price of a Chanel bag.

Which brings me to this post…Is it a faux pas to buy a designer dupe?

Yes I know there are more important matters in life than rationalizing material objects, however, as someone who appreciates fashion I would like to have options to an item that is beyond reach.

First of all, we need to clarify the difference between a fake and a look-a-like.  A fake (counterfeit or knock off) is made to look like a replica of a designer product right down to the label.  A look-a-like or dupe bears a resemblance to a designer product but is not claiming to be said designer product.  There are notable designers that create look-a-like high quality apparel without the hefty price tag.

Back to the question, if money was not an object I think most people would buy the real deal.  Is it a faux pas to buy a knock off? Yes and I believe it is also illegal.  A look-a-like, however, is fair game.

I believe that a high quality, classic style handbag is an item that is worth investing in as it can be part of any wardrobe for a long time and I have made such investments.  My dream bag is the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap but it carries an impressively large price tag.  Until I have enormous amounts of disposable income to make this purchase, I am in favour of a look-a-like such as the Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody.  It bears the same clean, classic lines of Boy Chanel plus the chain strap can be interchangeable.  It also comes in a variety of style, sizes and colour.

My husband made a good point.  Buy the Love Crossbody in a fun, bright colour because if and when I decide to purchase the dream bag, I would opt for the classic black.  I like his logic, if only he would go shopping with me….

What is your dream bag?



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