Day Trip to the Canadian Rockies

Mountain Day Trip2

Coat: Zara || Jeans: Levi’s || Shirt:  H&M || Boots: Timberland (Winners) || Sunglasses: Steve Madden (Winners) || Toque & Scarf: My Own Wardrobe

The Canadian Rockies are practically in my backyard.  That’s a slight exaggeration but it is a short drive from the city.  We are very lucky to live so close to this majestic and breath taking landscape and I am awestruck every time I visit.  The Ice Magic Festival is held yearly in Banff and Lake Louise which showcases an International Ice Carving Competition.  We were a week too late to view the ice sculptures as 90% of them had been removed but my kids were able to skate on the frozen lake.


Summer in Lake Louise.  The turqouise colour of the water is magnificent.  Photo from TripAdvisor.

Mountain Day Trip

It is neat to be able to stand and skate on what is usually a turquoise blue lake.

Mountain Day Trip3

Mountain Day Trip5

Mountain Day Trip4.JPG

It was cold outside but not bone chilling-teeth chattering-snowpants-weather.  Staying bundled up was still a necessity and a classic wool pea coat was just what I needed.  I recently purchased this navy blue coat from Zara for $30.00 on their winter clearance sale.  A knitted toque (yes I call it a toque) and scarf always tops off any of my winter outfits and this is by far my favourite.  It’s a gift from my Aunt in Seattle and I believe she bought it from Pike Place Market vendor.  Underneath all of this heavy apparel, I thought it’d be appropriate to go with the classic Canadian Tuxedo (denim on denim) but with a twist.  I wore a pair of light grey Levi’s jeans (which I bought for $15.00!) and a light chambray button down shirt.  A pair of Timberland boots were perfect for walking around the icy, snowy surface.

I will definitely have to plan ahead next year to see the ice sculptors in action as the finished products are quite phenomenal.  I did, however, make a pit stop in Banff to get some Beavertails and that alone is worth the trip!




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