Pistachio Raspberry Macaron Cake

Pistachio Raspberry Macaron Cake21.JPG

I love macarons!  I think it’s safe to say the love is universal.  They constantly pop up in my social media feeds like a must-have accessory.  Not only are they pretty but so delicate and delicious. I am always reminded of my Parisian adventures with every bite. Continue reading


Everyday Essentials – Soft Hands

JR Watkins

J.R. Watkins Hand Cream (Top Left), Hand & Cuticle Salve (Bottom Left), and Hand & Body Lotion (Right).

The climate in my part of Canada can be pretty harsh especially in the winter and it is dry ALL YEAR ROUND!  I have to constantly moisturize my skin, mostly my hands.  Not just with the weather but because I do work around the house.  I could only wish for a live-in housekeeper.  Sigh! Continue reading

Birthday Outfit

Olive Green Jumpsuit1I start the year off with my birthday and after all of the holiday feasting, a body conscious outfit is not always my top choice.  Actually, I have never been a tight dress kind of girl.  I love loose fitting clothes with shape of course, cozy knits and layers.  If I wear a body fitting piece, I often compliment it with a more relaxed apparel. Continue reading