Easy, Classic Sugar Cookies

Easy, Classic Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a classic baked treat that can be enjoyed at any time.  Their popularity is usually heightened around a holiday such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween.

I have attempted several recipes in the past and the cookies were either too sweet, too egg-y for my taste (remember I do not like eggs), or too hard.  I came across this recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction and I did not have to alter anything.  The cookies came out soft with crisp edges and not overly sweet.  Of course, that would be the cookie on its own without any sprinkles or icing. Continue reading

Chewy Ginger Cookies

Chewy Ginger Cookies


When Christmas is on the horizon the fuss over gingerbread treats go into full swing.  Not a big fan of the ginger bread!  There I said it.

They are absolutely fun to decorate.  We as a family decorate a gingerbread house every year and the kids make bets on how long their dad can resist the urge to eat the house.  Taste wise though, I always find the spices overpowering and they tend to be as hard as rocks.  That was until I finally tried a chewy ginger cookie from a local bakery.  It was so delicate with just a hint of spice and melts in your mouth.  I am drooling just thinking about it.  I haven’t quite figured out the bakery’s recipe but the one I am about to share is just as drool-worthy! Continue reading

Flocked Christmas Tree

Dreaming of a White Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Flocked Christmas Tree

Last holiday season my Instagram feed was constantly flowing with beautiful, snowy christmas trees nestled perfectly in all white living rooms.  It looked so dreamy so of course I wanted to copy it.  The easiest way to do this of course is to buy an already flocked, artificial tree but how much fun would that be?! Besides, my kids are absolutely set on having a real tree every year so then I started researching how to flock christmas trees.  Just reading the instructions started to make my head spin and I skipped the snowy tree.  However, when hints of the upcoming holiday season started popping up at every corner my longing for a snowy christmas tree hit full swing.  I wanted the look but with little effort and cost. Continue reading

Eggless Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


I try my best to send my kids with homemade snacks to school. Banana muffins or bread is my usual go to recipe. We almost always have all of the ingredients on hand.

A little secret about me is that I am not a big fan of eggs! Although that has not stopped me from ordering Eggs Benedict for brunch or Creme Brûlée for dessert when I am dining out.  However, if I add eggs to any of my home made goodies I do not like to eat them.  I try to bypass the eggs if at all possible or replace it with another ingredient but the taste and texture is often compromised. Continue reading

Welcome to The White Picket Fences

Hello and welcome to The White Picket Fences!  For the past couple of years I have dreamed of starting my own blog and I am ready to roll it out.

What is it all about? DIY projects, recipes, fashion finds, beauty trends, and home decor.  Sounds like it has been done before and yes it has.  I have and continuously read blogs.  Being the crafty lady that I am , I love to try out do-it-yourself projects, recipes and follow beauty and style trends.  I do, however, find that some of these easy to follow projects you see on the internet or television are too good to be true or that quick recipe is not as tasty as it looks.  Here on the blog, I will undertake these projects and share my findings to see if they are as simple as they seem.

Hope you follow me along on this crafty journey!